St Clement of Ochrid, Seven Holy Slavonic Saints and St Great-martyr Panteleimon

"St Clement of Ochrid, Seven Holy Slavonic Saints and St Great-martyr Panteleimon"

On the feast-day of the patron saint, enlightener and blessed teacher of the Macedonian lands, the prominent disciple of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Cyril and Methodius, St Clement of Ohrid, the Seven Holy Slavonic Saints and of the Holy Great-martyr and Healer Panteleimon (August 9th 2014 AD), in the church of St Clement and St Panteleimon in Plaoshnik (Ohrid), Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was celebrated. The Diocesan Hierarch, Metropolitan of Debar and Kichevo k. Timothy officiated with the Divine Liturgy, in concelebration of their Eminences Metropolitan of Europe, k. Poemen and Metropolitan of Kumanovo and Osogovo, k. Dr. Joseph, the Very Rev. Archimandrite Nectarios, the Very Rev. Protopresbyter Cross-bearer Eftin Velkoski, the Very Rev. Protopresbyters Dimche Gjorgjieski, Igor Nikovski and Goran Mantaroski, the Rev. Presbyters Nicholas Christoski, Dimche Azeski and Vlado Nedeski, the Protodeacon Nikolche Gjurgjinoski and the Deacon Sasho Celeski.

Following the Liturgy, the Office of Lesser Sanctification of the Water was celebrated and the slava bread was blessed. Metropolitan k. Dr. Joseph addressed the faithful with his homily.

Source: Diocese of Debar and Kichevo